How to Improve Your Golf Putting Technique


Golf Putting pic
Golf Putting

Alex Getelman likes to stay active when he is not working as a project manager and consultant. Favoring the game of golf, Alex Getelman plays as often as he can.

Putting is a crucial part of golf. A poor short game can ruin a good round quickly. Here is some useful putting advice to put into practice.

Learn how to read your putts. According to a study sponsored by Golf Magazine, 65 percent of golfers underread the break on their putts. You need to judge distances from the side of the ball rather than behind, and walk off the distance from the ball to the hole by drawing an imaginary line with your club at the speed you want the putt to go.

Keep a fairly loose grip on the club, allowing it to swing naturally without compromising your control over the head. Practice as often as possible to get comfortable with your new technique.


Useful Advice for New Runners

New Runners pic
New Runners

Alex Getelman is a project manager and consultant at Milestone Building Ventures in New York City. When he is not working, Alex Getelman stays active in a number of sports to maintain his fitness, including running. If you would like to do the same but are just starting out, keep these tips in mind.

1. Purchase a good pair of running shoes. The shoes should offer both comfort and longevity. Consider visiting a specialty store to get yourself fitted for the right pair.

2. Think about joining a running group to gain access to more information and share the experience with others.

3. Always take the time to warm up before each run. Start with a brisk walk into a slow jog to get your body ready. You then can pick up the pace.

4. Set challenging yet realistic goals for yourself. Break down these goals into milestones to help keep you motivated.

The Children’s Bill of Rights at Cohen Children’s Medical Center

Cohen Children's Medical Center pic
Cohen Children’s Medical Center

Milestone Building Ventures founder Alex Getelman lives and works in New York City, where he consults on large-scale development projects. Outside of his professional endeavors, Alex Getelman actively supports several local charitable organizations, including the Cohen Children’s Medical Center.

Ranked among the best pediatric hospitals in the nation, the Cohen Children’s Medical Center delivers high-quality medical care and is dedicated to the empathetic and respectful treatment of pediatric patients. Accordingly, the hospital has developed a “Children’s Bill of Rights,” guaranteeing a special standard of care to pediatric patients.

Under the Children’s Bill of Rights, physicians at Cohen Children do their best to speak honestly to children in a way that children can understand. Doctors promise to knock on doors, introduce themselves, and explain medical procedures before they happen. Hugs, playtime, and compassionate listening are all part of treatment at Cohen Children’s Medical Center under its Children’s Bill of Rights.

Time Management Tips for Project Managers

project management
project management


Alex Getelman is the founder of Milestone Building Ventures, a project management and consulting firm for notable real estate and construction companies in and around New York City. As a project manager and consultant, Alex Getelman needs to manage his time effectively. These useful tips will show you how to do the same.

1. Learn about the tools and software that can make you more effective in your role. The right tools can make you more efficient and allow you to use valuable time elsewhere.

2. Have a defined plan in place, with overall goals and milestones included. This will save time that would have been needed for explanations of project goals further down the line.

3. Communicate with your project personnel regularly. Get to know what drives them and what they bring to the table. This will help in assigning tasks.

4. Be wary of holding regular meetings. Any meetings you hold should have defined agendas.

5. Create a to-do list every day that covers all of the tasks you personally need to complete. A list will help you stay on track with the project and highlight the tasks that need to be given priority.