AHRC New York City Foundation Guardianship Program

AHRC New York City Foundation Image: linkedin.com
AHRC New York City Foundation
Image: linkedin.com


A successful leader in the real estate industry, Alex Getelman manages employees and operations at Milestone Building Ventures in New York City. Outside of work, Alex Getelman is active in several charitable and community organizations, including the AHRC New York City Foundation (formerly known as the Association for the Help of Retarded Children), where he serves on the board.

A fundraising and grant-making organization, the AHRC NYC Foundation supports programs that focus on adults and children who have developmental and intellectual disabilities. One of the organization’s funds is the Endowment for Guardianship. This fund supports the Guardianship Program by providing a reliable source of income. The program was started in 1970 and seeks to provide protection and care for individuals who do not have guardians or relatives to look out for them.

The Guardianship Program ensures that individuals find an appropriate residential setting, medical care, and job that helps them and improves their quality of life. This is done through regular visits and outings, along with birthday and holiday celebrations. Further, the program helps wards make end-of-life decisions and arrangements.

Donations made to the AHRC NYC Foundation Endowment for Guardianship directly support the program and can be made in any amount. The organization accepts donations in the form of cash, securities, and bequests. Visit ahrcnycfoundation.org/donate/endowment-for-guardianship.


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