Some Features of Popular Business Management Software



In the state of New York, Alex Getelman found his niche in real estate. As the founder of the project management and consulting firm Milestone Building Ventures, Alex Getelman facilitates the company’s day-to-day operations using business management tools and technologies.

Business management tools assist corporate leaders and executives in fulfilling tasks efficiently. These tools integrate different business processes into one system, providing automated solutions and generating results.

Well known enterprises such as Samsung and Xerox use Bitrix , a cloud-based management tool featuring business management solutions such as CRM tools and sales, invoicing, communications, and HR systems. For field service companies, the web-based software Jobber enables them to keep tabs on their staff in the field through its GPS tracking feature. In addition, Jobber features customer relationship management tools, such as the SMS Client Reminders and Arrival Notifications.

Another popular tool is Wintac, a field-service software used by over 8,000 companies. This all-in-one software provides work order and customer-management options, accounting and payroll tools, and inventory management.


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