Month: November 2016

Value Engineering in the Construction Sphere



A Mixed Growth Picture in the US Real Estate Market

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Milestone Building Ventures

Based in New York, Alex Getelman leads Milestone Building Ventures and spearheads complex projects that require close coordination with partners, engineers, architects, and contractors. Alex Getelman maintains a close watch on real estate markets and follows forecasts that indicate where investment trends are heading.

An early 2016 article in Money highlighted a cautious optimism in the residential sphere, as housing markets continue to recover from the financial crisis. A major issue is one of inventory, as millennials begin searching for single-family homes at a time when construction has yet to meet demand. Year-on-year figures showed inventory down by 9 percent, with home values rising correspondingly.

An October, 2016, survey of US real estate-focused economists found that, while no major decline is on the horizon, growth expectations have been adjusted downward. These encompass factors ranging from housing starts to interest rates and the issuing of commercial mortgage-backed securities. One silver lining is in the industrial sector, where availability of space has tightened and rents and investment returns are on the rise.