AHRC NYC Foundation pic

AHRC NYC Foundation’s Summer Camps for People with Disabilities

AHRC NYC Foundation pic
AHRC NYC Foundation
Image: ahrcnyc.org

As head of Milestone Building Ventures, Alex Getelman guides a firm that has undertaken innovation-focused projects across the greater New York area. Alex Getelman maintains an active community presence and supports charitable organizations such as St. Francis Food Pantries. He also sits on the board of the AHRC New York City Foundation, which is focused on providing critical social services to people living with disabilities.

A centerpiece of the foundation’s targeted activities is a pair of summer camps. Camp Anne provides children and adults living with disabilities with a traditional camping experience that includes sports, crafts, swimming, dance, and nature appreciation in the Berkshire mountains.

Counselor-to-camper ratios during 11-day sessions on the 40-acre property are no higher than 3:1, which ensures that participants receive personalized support. Campers are encouraged to engage in activities that boost self-confidence and communication skills and that reinforce appropriate social interactions. In addition, participants find ways to move toward independence in performing the tasks of daily living.

In addition to Camp Anne, the foundation operates Isaacson/Gordon Lodge, a teens- and adults-focused vacation site. The lodge supports the efforts of those with mild to moderate developmental issues in moving toward independent life pathways.


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