The AHRC New York City Foundation

AHRC NYC Foundation pic
AHRC NYC Foundation


Alex Getelman is the founder of Milestone Building Ventures, a New York-based project management and consulting firm. Alongside his work in the construction industry, Alex Getelman supports a wide array of local charities, including the AHRC New York City Foundation.

This foundation provides financial support to programs that serve people with developmental disabilities. The foundation is the primary source of funding for AHRC New York City (AHRC NYC), which operates a wide variety of programs for children and adults.

Work-readiness campaigns are an integral part of the effort of AHRC NYC. The organization operates multiple employment training programs as well as a school-to-work program for graduating students.

The school-to-work program, offered in partnership with the Department of Education, helps graduating high school students in special education classes make the transition into the workforce. Participating students can choose from job training, internship programs, or direct job placements and receive support from the AHRC NYC staff.


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