Useful Advice for New Runners

New Runners pic
New Runners

Alex Getelman is a project manager and consultant at Milestone Building Ventures in New York City. When he is not working, Alex Getelman stays active in a number of sports to maintain his fitness, including running. If you would like to do the same but are just starting out, keep these tips in mind.

1. Purchase a good pair of running shoes. The shoes should offer both comfort and longevity. Consider visiting a specialty store to get yourself fitted for the right pair.

2. Think about joining a running group to gain access to more information and share the experience with others.

3. Always take the time to warm up before each run. Start with a brisk walk into a slow jog to get your body ready. You then can pick up the pace.

4. Set challenging yet realistic goals for yourself. Break down these goals into milestones to help keep you motivated.


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