How to Improve Your Golf Putting Technique


Golf Putting pic
Golf Putting

Alex Getelman likes to stay active when he is not working as a project manager and consultant. Favoring the game of golf, Alex Getelman plays as often as he can.

Putting is a crucial part of golf. A poor short game can ruin a good round quickly. Here is some useful putting advice to put into practice.

Learn how to read your putts. According to a study sponsored by Golf Magazine, 65 percent of golfers underread the break on their putts. You need to judge distances from the side of the ball rather than behind, and walk off the distance from the ball to the hole by drawing an imaginary line with your club at the speed you want the putt to go.

Keep a fairly loose grip on the club, allowing it to swing naturally without compromising your control over the head. Practice as often as possible to get comfortable with your new technique.


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