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The Children’s Bill of Rights at Cohen Children’s Medical Center

Cohen Children's Medical Center pic
Cohen Children’s Medical Center

Milestone Building Ventures founder Alex Getelman lives and works in New York City, where he consults on large-scale development projects. Outside of his professional endeavors, Alex Getelman actively supports several local charitable organizations, including the Cohen Children’s Medical Center.

Ranked among the best pediatric hospitals in the nation, the Cohen Children’s Medical Center delivers high-quality medical care and is dedicated to the empathetic and respectful treatment of pediatric patients. Accordingly, the hospital has developed a “Children’s Bill of Rights,” guaranteeing a special standard of care to pediatric patients.

Under the Children’s Bill of Rights, physicians at Cohen Children do their best to speak honestly to children in a way that children can understand. Doctors promise to knock on doors, introduce themselves, and explain medical procedures before they happen. Hugs, playtime, and compassionate listening are all part of treatment at Cohen Children’s Medical Center under its Children’s Bill of Rights.